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Hanwha Collaborative Robot Hanwha collaborative robot HCR series is
easy & simple in any application

Payload 5kg, Reach 915mm Collaborative robot HCR-5A is perfect choice to collaborate with employees. For almost every industry and application, HCR-5A improves working environment and let people concentrate on value-added work. Notably, HCR-5A is suitable for pick-and-place, welding and inspection to increase productivity of manufacturing line . Try HCR-5A in your production site and experience its amazing effects.


Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Degree of freedom 6 rotating joints
Payload 5kg (11lb)
Weight 21kg(46.3lb)
Reach 915mm (36in)
Joint Range J1, J2, J4, J5, J6: ± 360° J3: ± 165°
Joint Speed J1, J2, J3: Max 178°/sec J4,J5,J6:Max 180°/sec
Linear Speed(Typical) 1m/s (Max. 1.5m/s)
Repeatability ±0.05mm
I/O port
(2 Tool I/O Ports + 1 EtherCat)
Control-Box Tool Conn
Digital In/Out 16 / 16 4 / 4
Analog In 2 2
EtherCAT - 1
Safety/Emergency Yes -
Footprint Ø150 mm
Cable Length Robot to Controller : 6m, T/P to Controller: 5m (Need Chinese translation)
Control Box Size 450 mm x 560 mm x 223 mm (W x H x D)
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz (1kW)
Ambient Temperature 0 ˚C ~ 50 ˚C
Safety EN ISO 13849-1 Cat.3, PL d / EN ISO 10218-1, CE MD, KCs

HCR Software Rodi

Hanwha Robotics HCR robot software Rodi is easy for anyone to use due to its intuitive UI

Programmable with a simple click

- Icon based commands
- Alerts to minimize programming errors

Identify robot motion flow at a glance

- Video editor-like program structure
- Visualized the tact-time for each task

Various methods to programming

- Script, tree structure

Frequent-use applications are easier to program

- Pattern function allows make easier to apply stacking, palletizing or circle move.

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